Learning Blade

Learning Blade has launched a new course called "Introduction to Coding" designed for Middle School teachers to provide an easy way to introduce students to coding. Perfect for teachers at ALL levels!

This course contains 20 hours of online and offline student learning including teacher lesson plans. This is FREE to those with a Learning Blade license. Sign up for your account at www.LearningBlade.com/AR 

What is "Introduction to Coding"?

  • Tailored to engage students at any experience level.
  • Geared towards 7th-8th grade students, but can be used with others.
  • Robust teacher resources
  • Over 20 hours of online & offline lessons
  • Online lessons will include topics such as:
-The role of computers in society -Concepts of basic algorithms -Text-based code elements including statements -Variables and comments -Common hacking methods and means for combatting them -And many more!
Check out a 40-minute webinar recording where Learning Blade CTO - Dane Boyington reviews the new coding course. LINK  

"Having the Learning Blade tool in schools, students are exposed to the world of CS courses, CS opportunities, and CS career paths, and that is getting more students interested in CS jobs such as coding. The new "Intro to Coding" Block will continue to enhance what teachers can provide to their students."  -Governor Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas
Feel free to contact us at info@learningblade.com with any questions or to request training for your staff.