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Board Of Directors

Dale Query, Executive Director

Dennis Copeland, Assistant Director


Benny Weston, President

Dr. Mary Ann Spears, Vice President

Dr. Lee Smith, Secretary

Dr. Larry Smith, Past President

Board Member Terms of Office (3 year terms)



Dawson—Dan Breshears

O.U.R.--Jeff Cantrell

Crowley’s Ridge—Matt Wright

Southwest—Robert Poole

At Large--Dr. Susan Kissire


Arch Ford—Dr. Joe Fisher

Southeast—Dr. Jon Laffoon

Southcentral—Michael White

DeQueen/Mena—Jerry Strasner

Arkansas River—

At Large--Barbara Warren 



Northeast—Darryl Blaxton

Western—Kerry Schneider

Northcentral—Gerald Cooper

Great Rivers—Jon Estes

Wilbur Mills—Dean Stanley

At Large—Debbie Smith

At Large—Dr. Nathan Morris

AREA Calendar

Upcoming Events

Contact Information

Arkansas Rural Education Association
60 Evergreen Road
Mount Ida, Arkansas 71957
Phone: 479-234-2504